At GrayMatter, we have a simple formula

While old school political campaigns relied on meeting and getting to know each voter and their family on a personal level to build support and momentum — this cycle is different. As a candidate or consultant, you might feel like your opportunities to reach, persuade and engage voters has been restricted, that you need a radical new strategy, or that it’s impossible to know whether you’re ahead or behind.

Thankfully, this is not the case.

That formula has always guided our approach, but the substance behind it is more valuable today than ever before. Our track record of victorious campaigns in years past, along with a commitment to constant evolution, has afforded us answers to today's challenges and maximized our ability to help your campaign build real relationships that will lead to definitive electoral outcomes.

We practice three core disciplines to compliment your existing campaign framework:

Customized Voter Lists

Historic Insights + Predictive Models

Microtargeted Outreach

Laser-Focused Strategies For On & Offline Campaigning

Polling & Research

Accurate, Cost-Effective, Limitless



GrayMatter Interactive is a full-service data, advertising and political consulting firm committed to both the Art & Science of victorious campaigns. Founded in 2017, GrayMatter has enabled candidates on all levels of government to mount ambitious, integrated and victorious election campaigns. Our track record goes back many years, however. We have over a decade of experience leveraging tailormade tech with tried-and-true tactics to achieve successful outcomes for candidates across all levels of government. Working with us means you’re backed by an elite network of analytic, digital, creative and political professionals who have experience on diverse terrain. At GrayMatter, we don’t make guesses. We used tested, informed decisions that are reliably capable of achieving victory on election day.

When it comes to working together, we make four integral promises to you:

Accuracy is our #1 priority and chief commitment. Your outreach efforts are only as good as the data informing it. Our data is deeply rooted in decades worth of Secretary of State records as well as up-to-the-minute household, consumer and behavioral insights — which all come together to create a superior and actionable understanding of your constituency. Perfect voter profiles and precise points of contact makes each and every engagement count.
No subscription. No gimmicks. Full access forever. Relying exclusively on self-serve voter management softwares can create a tremendous blind spot when you need direct access to the capabilities they promise. Once we collaborate to understand which data insights matter to your election, we deliver that data to you in a format that you own forever and can manipulate to your fullest content. Don’t rely on political advice from a voter management software’s call center representative — work with us to implement, deploy and get the absolute most out of your data.
We’re not a Beltway consulting firm. At GrayMatter, we’re only interested in adding significant value to the clients we work with. Because of this, you can count on us to deliver maximum, national-firm-quality value and impact, with a price tag that every campaign budget can accommodate.
Our professional consultants are committed to your victory. We’ll always be there to deliver the intel and media that matters to create measurable, real-world results. We can work flexibly to tailor our approach to fit your campaign’s dynamic needs and existing consulting relationships. While we’d be thrilled to become your in-house data director, we can also comfortably operate hand-in-hand with the strategies and staff you’ve already put to work. Accountability further means having a strong ethical framework in our business relationships as well as in our product itself: Our data and strategy prescriptions will always abide by the rules.

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Rocket City, USA


Customized Voter Lists



Voter Records


Consumer Records


Dynamic Sources

Winning campaigns are built on layers of data. But what makes ours uniquely valuable? It starts with our unmatched capabilities to segment voters and make reliable predictions about how they think and behave. We know who will turn out to vote, what party they belong to, where they stand on roughly a hundred different issues, and most importantly, how to reach them.

Take a look at the insights our data harnesses:

  • Core Demographic Insights 
  • Complete Household Information
  • Turnout Likelihood Predictive Modeling
  • Party Affiliation Modeling
  • Issue ID Modeling
  • Donor Lists
  • Voter Base Identification
  • Approval Ratings
  • Points of Contact
    • Landlines
    • Cell Phones
    • Email Addresses
  • Consumer & Behavioral Data
  • Early Voters
  • Non-Registered Voters
  • 400+ Additional Potential Attributes
  • Democrat/Republican
  • Presidential Approval
  • Civil Liberties
  • Climate Change
  • Immigration
  • Gun Reform
  • Tax Reform
  • LGBT Issues
  • BLM Issues
  • China
  • Religious Affiliation
  • Common Core
  • Pro-Life/Pro-Choice
  • Cable News Viewers
  • Social Media Users

+ Hundreds More

While all of these attributes are available for each individual voter profile — when you zoom out to consider the district-wide picture of these trends — you will find a competitive edge. Because our specialty is analytically and creatively handling big data to present you with actionable opportunities for outreach and persuasion. We can explore angles you haven’t considered and recommend ways to optimize your message and tactics to win over as many voters as possible while stewardly utilizing campaign resources.

Microtargeted Outreach

Our proven success with reaching voters, using the highest-quality campaign media and the most innovative digital tools, is what puts the “Interactive” in GrayMatter Interactive. We deliver the following campaign services: 


Direct Mail

We engineer, design, and distribute high-impact direct mail campaigns to both general and ultra-segmented audiences


Social Media

Command the conversation with powerful, integrated social media campaigns that achieve measurable outcomes


Field Solutions

We offer digital tools to help you visualize important voter concentrations and deploy an effective ground game

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 7.48.41 PM

Calling Solutions

We can dramatically decrease labor needs while increasing conversions with our portfolio of phone outreach solutions


IP-Specific Web Ads

Tailor specific web advertisements to specific groups with non-invasive, positive impressions on sites they trust


Web Development

Grow email lists, raise money and attract new supporters by expanding your web presence with custom content


Email Campaigns

We can email your entire district or focus on key groups while avoiding spam filters with our effective email marketing solutions

SMS outreach

SMS Outreach

Tap into one of the fastest-growing campaign tactics. Personalize outreach, mobilize supporters and drive turnout

Polling & Research


Find and capitalize on your competitive edge. Understand vulnerabilities and opportunities. Acquire the pulse of your district.

Where existing data doesn’t offer a complete picture, we’ll go find the information for you using our adaptable, highly-custom and affordable polling and research services — all performed in house, utilizing the best technologies:

  • Approval Ratings
  • IVR Surveys
  • Live Phone Surveys
  • Message Efficacy Testing
  • Issue Viability Studies
  • Targeted Web Surveys
  • Issue ID Matching
  • Research Dossiers
  • Campaign Finance Research

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